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Coach Sebastian Rozycki of Legia Warsaw
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Coach Sebastian Rozycki of Legia Warsaw

On today’s episode of Beautiful Game by WeaselsFC, Tony Nicalo speaks with Sebastian Rozycki, the coordinator for U5 to U12 teams at the Legia Warsaw Academy. Sebastian also has an UEFA A Elite Youth coaching license. Having a deep love of soccer, Sebastian became a player and then later a coach. He’s currently responsible for recruitment of both trainers and players. He looks for one-versus-one skills, directionality after losing the ball, speed, and mentality of winners. Both talent and diligence are
key skills that the Academy looks for when it recruits players and shows them around with their parents.

The Legia Warsaw Academy has carefully planned its rigorous training to keep players focused, which also eases the transition phase when they are new. High-intensity training is undertaken to develop both technique and mental resilience. A lot of focus is placed on training the difficult skill of attacking versus that of defending. Training and games are the best places for players to make mistakes, to pick up the ball after losing and to build self-confidence.

Like the United States, Poland also has a similar problem in ensuring students get enough high-quality physical activity because recess and physical education have been cut. In addition to creating as many players as possible, the Academy wants to raise very good people. Respect and personal culture are important, with trainers reacting immediately to situations that aren’t acceptable with the players and the parents.

Children all over the world prefer to spend time in front of screens rather than going outside to play soccer. The Legia Warsaw Academy uses alternative methods of teaching to reach students, including challenges and YouTube channels to learn from previous matches. Training programs are continually improved and also personalized to players. The Academy hosts two meetings in the season to bring forth suggestions from trainers for changes and improvements to program implementation, where things are adapted quickly and no one is afraid to share their
opinion. Trainers are also looked after, and have their own development paths and have training sessions every Tuesday.

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